Teacher Enrichment Program

Georgia NATS Spring 2023
Call for Teacher Enrichment Program Applications

  • We will receive submissions from April 1, 2023 through June 1, 2023 for Spring 2023 applications.

  • The application form is now open at https://forms.gle/ojAP5mS7iRYY7uV97 or through our GA NATS

    webpage link at https://www.ganats.org/wp/teacher-enrichment-program/

  • Applicants chosen to participate will be notified by the selection committee by June 8, 2023.

  • Selected participants for Spring 2023 must confirm their acceptance by June 15, 2023. All confirmed participants have from June 15, 2023 to December 15, 2023 to complete their approved teacher enrichment activity.

  • Selected participants must submit a written review of their experience and provide all requested documents for reimbursement/receipts to the Vice President and Treasurer by December 15, 2023.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail GA NATS Vice-President, Dr. Joshua May, at may_joshua3@columbusstate.edu. Dr. May will collect and distribute all completed application materials to the committee members for review via our application portal.


    GA NATS Teacher Enrichment Program: Teachers Supporting Teachers

    The Teacher Enrichment Program (T.E.P.) offers Georgia NATS members an opportunity to strengthen their studio pedagogy by participating in professional development opportunities. These opportunities can include working with a mentor teacher in Georgia or elsewhere (online or in person), attending a workshop, or any area of interest in which a member would like to grow their knowledge or skill. It is up to the applying teacher to explain to the committee what they intend to do and how this activity would serve to enrich their teaching. This program is open to any active Georgia NATS member, whether a new teacher looking to solidify her/his studio pedagogy or an experienced teacher looking to re-energize or diversify her/his teaching. Although this document outlines some suggestions for how the inquiring teacher can interact as part of the program, the inquirer is encouraged to develop a regimen that will best serve their needs. ATTENDANCE AT THE NATS WINTER WORKSHOP OR SUMMER WORKSHOP OR NATIONAL CONVENTION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS PROGRAM.

1. Teacher Enrichment Committee

The Teacher Enrichment Committee will consist of the chapter Vice President and at least two other Georgia NATS members in good standing. The committee will meet or communicate virtually as needed for the purpose of selecting inquirers for the program. The committee will determine how best to allocate the program’s funding budget to inquirers accepted into the program. During this time, the committee will also review feedback forms submitted by previous program participants and, if warranted, submit any suggestions for improving the program to the Georgia NATS Executive Board for review.

2. Application Process

The Teacher Enrichment Program is open to any Georgia NATS member in good standing.

Interested applicants should submit the Teacher Enrichment Program Application, including a statement of goals to be accomplished during the program (lesson organization, teaching style or genre, teaching of technique, selection and coaching of repertoire, etc.), and a link to a twenty-minute online sample teaching video. (Due to current circumstances, the teaching video is optional.)

The Teacher Enrichment committee will notify approved participants via e-mail.

3. Funding

The Teacher Enrichment Program does possess a limited budget to assist inquirers in the pursuit of professional development. These funds will be disbursed at the discretion of the Teacher Enrichment Committee, and each inquirer will be notified of the total funds available to her/him when s/he is accepted into the program. These funds can be used for travel, registration fees, etc. Applicants who have been awarded funds will be reimbursed for their expenses after submitting a receipt/mileage log/etc. to the GA NATS Treasurer by December 15, 2023 for the Spring 2023 application and event period in which the inquirer participated in the program.

4. Participant Feedback

After the conclusion of the program, the inquiring teacher will complete the Teacher Enrichment Program Feedback Form and submit it to the Georgia NATS Vice President. Select participants in the program may be asked to report on their experiences in the program during the Georgia NATS annual business meeting.

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